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Launch of Foresight Carbon Service - November 2021

GGIS cordially invites you to the launch event (virtual) of our Foresight Carbon service on the 7th of December 2021 at 13:00 GMT. You'll learn more about our new service Foresight Carbon and our mission to help businesses and organizations get to net-zero or net-negative in the next decades.


As global warming is expected to continue at a rapid pace for another decade, many businesses and organizations are now taking action in addition to governments' pledges. Getting to net-zero or net-negative CO2 emissions will require huge emission reductions in processes, but also to remove and store carbon dioxide from the air. Planting new trees and restoring old forests has an enormous potential to do that, but it is still largely untapped due to high transaction costs.

Foresight Carbon is an automated service that measures carbon stocks in forests and tracks the benefits of carbon sequestration projects over time - based on satellite data and state-of-the-art data analysis. This technology will reduce costs for project developers and enable many new emission removal projects around the world.

Please register in advance using the link below:

DRM Project in the Bahamas – May 2021

GGIS has commenced its work in collaboration with the Rights Lab at the University of Nottingham (Lead) and Rescue Global to study the inter relationship of natural disasters with human trafficking. Work on the project started in May 2021, it is a two-year project due to be completed by April 2023. The project is titled “Isolating the impact of intersecting social, economic, and ecological crises on human trafficking in The Bahamas”. The project is funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation.

Small island developing nations are faced with numerous challenges including those caused or influenced by climate change. Climate change’s cumulative effects can multiply and reinforce structural inequities driving vulnerable individuals from marginalized populations into modern slavery - an umbrella term encompassing slavery and other forms of exploitation that do not constitute the legal definition of slavery such as human trafficking, forced labour, and forced marriage. As a low-lying island state, the Bahamas is prone to anthropogenic disasters resulting from natural hazards (e.g., hurricanes), which are increasing in intensity and frequency due to climate change.

The COVID-19 public health emergency is an additional crisis with the potential to overwhelm and increase vulnerability. Without an understanding of how climate change, natural hazards, and modern slavery are related and influenced by intersecting crises, disaster response & prevention and climate resilience-building activities may inadvertently increase inequities that drive vulnerability. This project will help to fill the knowledge gap in this area.

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GGIS is successful in PARSEC Round 2 Competition - 3rd July 2020

Global Geo-Intelligence Solutions is delighted to be among the 15 winners of the PARSEC Open Call 2 Competition. Congratulations to our consortium Ecosystem Services and to the other teams!

SPIN 2020 - 1st July 2020

We are happy to welcome Henry our summer intern under the Space Placement in Industry (SPIN) scheme sponsored by the UK Space Agency. We continue our commitment to supporting and building young people in the space sector.

GGIS receives AI for Earth Grant from Microsoft - Dec 2019

Global Geo-Intelligence Solutions has been awarded an AI for Earth grant from Microsoft to help further our efforts in supporting vulnerable farming communities to be more resilient to the negative impact of environmental related events.

The project is titled: "The Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Predict the Risk of Desert Locust Infestation in North West Africa and the Moruga Locust in Trinidad and Tobago". After the project  commenced, parts of East Africa started experiencing significant locusts swarms. As a result we included parts of Kenya in our satellite data analysis.

Global Geo-Intelligence Solutions is one of the newest organizations to be recognized by Microsoft for its impact and potential, and will join a growing number of AI for Earth grantees worldwide.

SPIN - July 2019

Global Geo-Intelligence Solutions participates in the UK Space Agency sponsored Space Placement in Industry Programme supported by the Satellite Applications Catapult.