Global Geo-Intelligence Solutions Ltd (GGIS) is a geospatial data analytics company. We provide geospatial intelligence and engineering solutions for resource and infrastructure monitoring and management.

GGIS turns geo-spatial data into intelligence to support decision making. We have a passion to use technology to empower individuals and communities to thrive in a constantly changing world. In today's world there is access to data from a myriad of sources. We need to go beyond just data and into insight and information that enables appropriate action making.

We integrate geospatial data from a wide variety of sources including earth observation satellites, GNSS, IoT sensors and crowd sourced data. Through analysis of this data and correlation with relevant events or  history we provide information and intelligence to support decision making.

Lena River Delta - false colour composite.

Source: USGS EROS Center.  Nasa Landsat Earth as Art Series. Image acquired by Landsat7 ETM+ sensor.



Utilising satellite based data to provide predictive analytics and monitoring services such as:

Foresight Carbon - a satellite based Carbon sequestration monitoring platform.

Foresight DRM - a Disaster Risk Management Service.

Foresight Crops - predictive analytics and risk forecasting for insect infestation and soil productivity.

Data Analysis

Data cleaning, analysis and visualisation services enabling insight into trends, patterns and correlations in your geospatial data sets.


Advice and support on geospatial matters. This includes issues such as change mapping, GNSS positioning, sensor integration, mobile app development and other mapping needs.


We utilise data from earth observation satellites, global navigation satellite systems and other data sources to provide decision support intelligence to end users.


Our award winning platform Foresight Crops applies innovative technology and data analytics. We utilise the latest sensor technologies and artificial intelligence to provide bespoke solutions for our customers.


We work with our partners and clients to deliver sustainable solutions. We have partners in the UK, Trinidad, Kenya and Zambia